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As part of the SPEED project, I am reviewing existing resources from other e-learning initiatives with the aim of identifying materials that can enhance capacity-building workshops on e-learning design and delivery.

I found some materials on the use of Second Life as a learning technology. These included:

While the available resources seem to be sufficient to reuse and repurpose in an e-learning design intervention, a couple of questions emerge: Is it worth to include Second Life? Does its value exceed its requirements?

For a generic capacity-building workshop on e-learning design and delivery, I think the answer is: No.

Perhaps in certain specific contexts (e.g., in institutions with vast experience managing virtual worlds) Second Life could be a useful alternative to teach. However, in general, it is unefficient to teach academics and support staff how to use Second Life as a learning technology due to the time needed to answer questions, solve technical issues, create an account, customize an avatar, practice basic movements and master communication skills.